Monday, September 12, 2005

Welcome to Tradebank, Your Home for Cashless Commerce

Trade \trâd\ vb 1: to give in exchange for another commodity 2: to engage in the exchange, purchase, or sale of goods.

Historically, having two companies who swapped products and services of equal value was the only way to experience the benefits of trade. Times have changed. At Tradebank, we provide a revolutionary trade tool for businesses everywhere. No longer do companies have to search for direct trade relationships. With Tradebank’s Cashless Commerce™, businesses can benefit from our extensive global network where products and services are traded 24/7. Now all companies, large and small, can leverage the power and simplicity of trade.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the “freedom” to purchase exactly what you are looking for by simply trading your goods or services? At Tradebank, our clients have the flexibility to use their "trade credits" earned to purchase what they want or need from thousands of businesses within the worldwide Tradebank network (The "trade credit", or trade dollar, is equal to one cash dollar in the country where it is earned.)

Sounds easy, right? Well it is! TradeBank Cashless Commerce™ provides a platform where trades come together for our clients, much like a clearinghouse does for stocks, or a commercial bank does for checks.

Just like any brokerage firm, Tradebank receives a commission on each transaction. Our service includes sending you new business on a continuing basis, facilitating your purchase requests, and automating the bookkeeping for each trade transaction. Plus, all transactions are credited immediately, so there are no receivables, collection efforts, or bad debts involved.

Our mission is encompassed and articulated through Tradebank's overall Vision Statement.

Mission Statement: To develop a profitable and enduring legacy by empowering our people to strive for maximum potential and the realization of their ultimate purpose.

Vision Statement Through a culture of excellence and innovation, we provide our clients with revolutionary trade tools which ensure a competitive advantage.

Tradebank is committed to develop a profitable and enduring legacy based on our entrepreneurial culture and present corporate values that have brought us to where we are today.

By empowering our people to strive for maximum potential, we encourage them to realize their ultimate purpose.

Teamwork based on sound fundamentals will continue to build institutional value far beyond today's expectation.

Drop in and let us help you develop your Cashless Commerce!

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